Apart from helping companies hire and placing candidates. We also help professionals (with 10 – 15 years of work experience), set up their own recruitment business using the Antal brand name under our franchising model. 26 years since our inception, we have today, a network of 130 offices across 36 countries. Under the franchise banner in India, we have 45 offices, each managed by an industry tenured professional, who gave up their professional career to kickstart their own recruitment business. They are reaping rewards of creating a legacy, generating employment opportunities, without doubt, a substantial increase in their income.

Our area of expertise spans over various industries, namely:

• Automotive & Parts

• Banking & Finance

• Building & Construction

• Energy, Oil and Gas

• Hospitality & Events Services

• Information Technology

• Intellectual Property

• Law & Legal Services

• Manufacturing

• Media & Marketing

• Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

• Retail