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Training Team

The Antal’s Training team is responsible for supporting owners through start-up and scale up phase of the business, and to ensure that the owners stay true to the business model, reduce the learning curve and get onto the revenue curve faster.

Training and Support at Antal reflects the story of Transformation our Business Partners go through.

In most cases,

  • 1. He Owners transition from a Functional Head from their Corporate Lives to owning a P&L
  • 2. A Start-Up Business Scales-Up and has different Challenges and Learning
  • 3. A Rookie Recruiter develops into a Tenured Consultant.

Our Training and Support has evolved to nurture all these different needs, Learning Curves and Business Life Cycles through a plethora of Programs and Initiatives.


Early days

Start-up Kit

Startup kit is a ready reckoner which focuses on things that may be useful to consider before the business comes into existence, or at least franchise owner can start trading officially. This information relates to formation of a company, company registration, compliances and returns, choosing a CA and a banking relationship among many other useful and relevant tips.

Strategy Induction

Our strategy induction has the intent of preparing new Antal franchise owners to start their business, with no knowledge of the actual business. This sets the stage of what must be done before the owners come in for the process induction course. Strategy induction is about driving clarity around the issue of specialization and business evolution over a long term business.

IT Start Up

All new owners are provided guidance and support on setting them and their office on our IT platforms. This includes email id set up, inclusion onto various email based groups within the network, microsite on, registration and access to Antal’s intranet as well as access to partner training organization websites.

Process Induction

All new owners are invited for 2 weeks of process induction. Split between a classroom style highly engaging week of training followed by going “live on the phone” week. This induction is all about giving out the trade secrets, and letting new owners know the tricks of the trade!

10 Daily Emails

As the new owners get back to their individual offices, they receive every morning emails for the next 10 days, which just gets them to think about essential elements which will get them be successful. These mails have advise, wisdom, and sufficient challenge to get the grey cells turning.

Weekly calls

An essential support comes in the form of weekly follow up calls with the owners individually and also in the group. These calls track activity levels, encourage the owners to get deeper onto sales cycle and advise for manoeuvring tricky situations.

Refresher training

8 weeks post the induction training, the owners are invited to come in for a refresher training. The Instructor led internet based learning modules are a sequential and logical training programme that mirrors the five day induction programmes.

Negotiated Rates and Bulk Discounts

The new owners also get the benefit of negotiated rates and bulk discounts from recruitment partners like Linkedin, and ATS softwares.

Access to Terms and Client History

The new owners also get access to 60000 plus placement records as well as India specific terms list, to get cracking in companies of their specialization.

Shared Business Opportunities

The new owners may also get access to shared business opportunities from within the existing network of owners. This is intended to accelerate the recruitment curve for the new owners.


A suite of stationery templates which includes, business cards, letter heads, standard terms of business, Corporate presentation, sales brochures, Invoice template, Job Descriptions, Personnel documents like offer letter, appointment letter, promotion letter, increment letter to name a few.

Growth stage:

  • Business Plan presentation within peer groups and periodic reviews:
    Owners are facilitated to hold strategic business reviews for their business, either as individuals or similar tenured owners. The idea is to learn from best practices available and learn not only to increase production, but also get practical real time support in terms of team management, pipeline review, cash flow management etc.
  • Coaching calls: Pipeline tracking, ideating for market development and Key account management etc.
  • Help in hiring of staff:
    • The existing owners get support in hiring for their team. The owners are spoken with, to clarify expectations from the hire, and advised upon titles and remuneration. We identify shortlist the best candidates and setup interviews with the Owner. Help is also extended on salary negotiations.
    • Attraction: Brand Building over online media, job posts, campus connects
    • Selection: A rigorous 4 stage interview process
    • Orientation and Training: Provision of Consultant Induction Manual, KPIs and expectation setting
  • Employee Performance: Helping to read and analyse the KPIs, developing PIPs if needed
  • Retention: Long term retention advised by appropriate incentive structures, having an industry first Career Progression plan and another industry first Certification Program for the Consultants
  • Access to global resources for advanced inputs on scaling up challenges
  • Owners meeting and Annual Conferences: The owners meeting and Annual conferences are designed to ensure that learning and sharing is a constant theme. Networking at these events gives rise to business opportunities.

Antal believes in hiring right and training exceptional as a trained and motivated employee adds value to themselves and to the business. All consultants across the franchised offices get same level of inputs, which are thus:

  • Participation in five day, off site intensive induction classes
  • Foundational Training program delivered online
  • Face time during office visits
  • Intensive coaching over phone, as decided by the owner
  • Role Play sessions
  • Boot-camps spanning Planning on the desk, Candidate and Job related issues
  • Certification programs

Some specific interventions are listed below

Year 1 rookies:

Specific inputs to span the Year 1 life are planned and executed which reflects the transition from a 180 recruiter to a 360 consultant:

  1. Recruitment 101: A crash course on basics of Recruitment for 0-3 months recruiters
  2. Meet and Greet: A chance to interact with a tenured successful consultant, to know what a long term with Antal looks like
  3. Learning Curve: An intensive 3 month course for 3-6 months recruiters, helping them transition in a 360 role.
  4. Antal Certification: An intensive 3 month course for 6-12 month recruiter, which enables them to be certified in basics of the desk and enable them to take up subsequent advanced levels of Antal Certification program
Year 2 upwards:

Antal Certification Program is available to select consultants.

Apart from these specific inputs, the training and support team also supports operational matters of the network; create new content and collaterals to make it easy for the offices and consultants to make money in this business.


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