Training with the Finest in Recruitment Franchise .

At Antal we believe in laying a solid foundation from the beginning and hence we empower our Managing Partners and their teams with the right kind of knowledge and skills from Day-1. All our Managing Partners and their consultants go through extensive trainings and various skill development programs during their tenure in Antal.

Our Induction is a Two Week Classroom Style Training Module during which you master all of Antal’s Intellectual Property (Methodology, Systems & Processes).

In their first month the consultants are trained on the job, allowing them to apply their knowledge while they are learning. This is further divided into weekly trainings, Week-1 consists of learning industry jargon, research activity about their specialisation, hands-on experience with job boards, searching leads and understanding their KPI and targets. 

On Day-1 Reading material such as Consultant Handbook, Objection standee and collaterals are shared with the Consultants to help them understand Antal’s process, business model, the recruitment and business development process etc.

From Week-2 to Week-4 our consultants begin with role-play sessions and are a part of the KPI and WIP reviews. Post Week-2 the consultants are eligible to participate in Recruitment-101.

Recruitment-101 is a course explaining the basics of recruitment and business development. It is a 19-day program consisting of video training, assignments and peer role-play sessions to gauge the understanding of the participants. The motive of this program is to give them a step-by-step comprehension of Antal’s process.

Post the completion of 1st month the consultants go through several other trainings to help and encourage them in their role.

3 months old consultants are nominated for LEARNING CURVE. The objective of this refresher training is to review, reinforce and reacquaint consultants with Antal Process and help them to transition in a 360 role. This training is again a combination of WebEx, Conference Call and Role-Play sessions. The topics included in this training are focused on the set tasks of their desk e.g. lead generation, online sourcing, candidate biopsy etc.

For our YR-1 consultants to improve on their presentation and pitch, we also have 15 minutes one-one role-play session basis requirements. These Role-Play sessions is arranged between the consultant and the Franchise Trainer. On this call the consultant present their pitch and handle the objection voiced by the facilitator. They are measured on their presentation and objection handling skills and feedback is shared accordingly. This session helps the consultant to understand their strengths and area of improvement.

For employee orientation we also arrange a MEET & GREET session which gives them a chance to interact with tenured successful consultants. This session is a great opportunity for our newbies to hear about the tenured consultant’s journey in Antal, their experiences, success, failures, learnings, tips for success and ask questions and doubts. This session helps them know that they are not alone and that everything is possible with a little determination.

The Training team also does CONSULTANT INTERACTIONS via phone calls, video calls or during office visits. These interactions allow the training team to understand how the ground level is working and what are the challenges they are facing. It allows them to make new training programs.

Basis the conversations with the Owners and the consultants the Training team identifies training requirements and creates BOOTCAMPS. These bootcamps are power-packed training and role-play sessions ensuring an interactive learning environment. These bootcamps allow the consultants to improve on the area of concerns.


Kickstarting your own business is a tedious job. There are several things that are on your mind, from managing your finances to looking into the operations and therefore PR and marketing can take a beat seat. Candidates and Companies will work with you only if they know that you are a thought leader within the industry, that you understand recruitment and the job market.  Here’s where strategic PR comes into play. At Antal we understand how PR benefits businesses and therefore we use it to build our brand through our dedicated PR team. 

Over the years we have built positive relationships with business journalists who are more than happy to feature us in their business stories on job market trends. We us PR as a tool to promote our franchise partners as industry experts, we do this through media quotes given to journalists from general and business papers and magazines. We also help our franchise partners generate great thought-provoking content which is then posted on our blog Antal India Executive Recruitment Blog. To understand job market trends, we regularly conduct job market surveys which have been published in various news publications. Our franchise partners have been quoted in various publications such as Times of India, Economic Times, Press Trust of India, Mint, Business Standard, People Matters, Business World etc. Here’s a look at some of the news coverage we have received in the past