Shinu Jose

Shinu Jose joined Antal in India as first consultant to be hired in the first Indian office. She successfully built the desk in sales and marketing, working through the proven business model and the Recruitment process Antal has perfected over its two decades plus of existence. Over the five years on her desk, she helped many client organisations start up or scale up significantly in India. Her proud moment comes from collaborating on BMW’s first Management Associate Program for India, as well as the credibility she developed within her chosen niche

Apart from her own desk, she also helped the office in hiring, training, inducting and mentoring the staff. 3

From March 2012, she became part of the Network support team in India and took over the mantle in Franchise Training. In her role, Shinu taps into her conviction of success garnered through working the model and she continues to support the network offices not only in facilitating a strategic vision but also in tactical aspects of running a business and running a desk.

After having worked very closely with various personalities of owners, She appreciates the challenges of growth that accompanies every owner and every business she works with and is able to provide both future looking and remedial advice. She also understands that start up challenges are different to scale up challenges and is able to provide appropriate and relevant support to the owner/business with regard to their lifecycle.

The work role has expanded to include not only training, but also business coaching and operational support. In her words, ” My work includes anything that owner or a consultant needs to be successful in their roles, and to make money for themselves.”

Together with the Support team, Shinu keeps her ear to the ground and works for the benefit of the network of owners and consultant. Under the direction of the MD, she has provided structure to various operational elements in the business and is at the helm of the aspirational and path breaking Antal’s Certification Program for its consultants.

As an ode to her contributions, she has received Most Notable Contribution to the Business (2011), Global Support Person of the Year (2013) and India Excellence Award (2016).

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