Rohini Kunju

Rohini has joined us, as our Franchise Training Coordinator. She has a total of 6 years of experience, 4 years of which were in Training and Development. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and is currently pursuing her Post Graduation Course in Instructional Design from Symbiosis, Pune.

She has previously worked in BPO and E-commerce sector for brands like Wipro and People Interactive. She has trained large and small groups in Sales, After-Sales Service, Technical Helpdesk and Customer Relations Management. She has successfully completed her Train the Trainer certification with both Wipro and British Telecom. She has received awards for being the sole contributor to Training Programmes in Wipro and has also handled multiple projects in People Interactive in terms of revenue and customer centricity.

At Antal, she works closely with Franchise owners and their consultants. She is solely responsible for training and coaching Year-1 consultants in the Network. She facilitates various training programs to up-skill consultants in recruitment and business development. This is followed up with different activities and tasks to gauge their understanding. She participates in one-on-one interactions with the owners and consultants to help them stay rooted to the Antal values and our unique methodology. These interventions help Owners and consultants build a strong business foundation.

Amongst her wide variety of interests, reading a novel & travelling are her favourite past-times.

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