Gavin Chase

Gavin Chase
Global Franchise Sales Director

A recruitment professional, experienced franchisee & franchisor representative, mentor, trainer and manager in the delivery of high end interim & executive recruitment solutions, internationally, at senior management and Board level, with 25 years in the top flight. Startup specialist supporting entrepreneurs looking to build and grow recruitment companies across the globe.

If you’re a corporate employee or Director, Gavin’s experience will help you start up and build a very profitable Executive Search Recruitment business, leveraging your industry expertise and network. If you’re a recruiter looking to set-up by yourself and join us with your own Antal franchise, taking advantage of the coaching and marketing support his first hand knowledge and support brings, you will have access to business mentoring of the highest level. Gavin’s experience around boutique recruitment businesses could also help you understand how an Antal franchise can benefit you with business growth support, leadership training and super-biller coaching.

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