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Doug Bugie

Beginning as Global Marketing Director for MRI, Doug resigned 1991 to run for US Congress in Cleveland. Although very competitive, he lost. Doug’s belief then & now is – great change is made through public service.

Moving to London 1992, Doug co-founded a recruitment franchise, Humana Intl with James Caan, earning the ‘99 top international franchise award in UK by British Franchise Association. Recruited as CEO of Norman Broadbent International and on Main Board, Doug was responsible for turning NB around thus re-entering top recruitment ranks in the UK & globally. Doug then joined Antal International’s Main Board as CEO of Antal Networks, their executive recruitment franchise division. He now acts as the Global President.

With more than 30 years in executive recruitment, Doug helped open 700+ recruitment franchises globally in 50+ countries, worked with world leaders in recruitment, many of whom achieved publicly traded status and over 20+ multimillionaires have come from his companies, 60K+people were placed in jobs through businesses where he held a leadership role.

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