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So you are interested in exploring an Antal recruitment franchise?

If you’re eager to shoulder responsibility and are interested to be part of Antal’s ongoing global success as a quality, high end, executive search recruitment brand, then you’re probably ready to be a franchise.


You’ll need to consider whether you have the commercial and personal skills necessary to startup and run a recruitment business and whether you’re prepared to be completely committed for at least 15 years.

Book your availability in our diary and we’ll be in touch with you!

Find out more?

Antal have core values that are shared internationally across our 159 offices in 38 countries and we look for the right Attitude, Aptitude and personal business Aspirations in our new franchisees. If you feel that you could be part of our family of entrepreneurs then we should speak!

Lets talk.

We can schedule a time for a call with you and our experienced engagement team. We will share how you could experience success as a recruitment company business owner through investing in an Antal International franchise.

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