While you still contemplating on whether you should invest in a recruitment franchise. Whether this is the right business opportunity for you? Whether the current market is conducive to sustain a business? Here’s what’s forecasted for the Executive Search Industry in 2020

According to LinkedIn’s Future of Recruiting Report, the demand for recruiting professionals has increased by 63%.

Talent wars will continue to rage, candidates with multiple officers and the uncertainty that come with it, shortened hiring timelines, increased focus on candidate experience,etc.. The demand for executive search firms with industry expertise and an eye for candidates’ abilities over skills will rise to the top, with little or help from recruiting tools and technologies. So what works for you in a market scenario as such…

  • Every sector has its own complexities and recognizing and having the capability to deal with is crucial; especially when you are hiring talent. Companies are looking for recruiters who can translate their industry expertise into sourcing talent to deal with these complexities and hire the best talent available.
  • In a competitive market, it is not only difficult to source great talent, its equally difficult to keep that candidate engaged and interested in the job offer. Excellent candidates are getting multiple offers within days. Being a veteran in the industry you can decipher the candidate’s interest and seriousness in the role.

Understanding and leveraging the of specific industries is what matters most in finding great leaders and building teams with diverse perspectives. The knowledge and expertise which you bring along; is what can set you apart in this new era of executive search. This is the right time for you to invest in Antal franchise opportunity. Our network is made of professionals like you who come with years of professional experience and knowledge and use it to run their own recruitment business in India

Take your call today…2020 looks like a promising year for executive search. Write back to me if you are ready to make some money using your industrial knowledge and experience