Dhananjay Pershad .

What was the thought process behind leaving a flourishing corporate career? I thought that I have spent enough time in the Industry working for others and wanted to pursue my own entrepreneurial dreams.

What kind of business opportunities were you looking at? With my background in Technology Delivery, Process Excellence, Product engineering and pre-sales, wanted to do something in the Technology Services and something that would keep me in front of the clients.  So my choices were in Technology solutions and Recruitment Services

How did you first hear about Antal? It was around Feb/Mar 2016 through Social Media.

What is the support Antal has given you since signing up?Antal has given me access to a strong network of individuals who have spent time in the industry, initial training and a strong process-orientation on how the business can be scaled.

What clinched the Antal deal for you? The discussions with Joseph Devasia, value systems and transparency and overall approach and process-orientation

Any success you would like to speak about. The Antal brand is definitely supporting in making initial breakthroughs and the 4-way methodology.

Antal Hyderabad Franchise Owner

DhananjayPershad, comes with over 27+ years of rich cross-discipline experience across Product Engineering, IT services delivery, Pre-sales, account management and process excellence. Dhananjay has worked with companies like CA Technologies, Sierra Atlantic (now part of Hitachi Consulting) and SQL Star. He has played various roles in his long career – Developer, Technical Manager, Mentor, Coach, Consultant and Trainer.

Dhananjay has hands-on expertise to help organizations in adapting/transitioning to agile lean practices to improve delivery/engineering excellence. With vast experience in working with cross platform technologies (Distributed to Mainframe, Web and client-server, databases, enterprise Applications and data warehousing / BI), he has led a number of engineering transformation initiatives in the organizations to meet challenging technology and business requirements.

Dhananjayalso has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Post-Graduation in Computer Applications.

Check out his microsite to know more about him http://www.antal.com/office/hyderabad-malakpet/223