Where is your corporate office located?

Our global corporate office is located in London and our India Corporate office is located in Mumbai, Andheri West.

What type of recruitment do you do?

We specialize in mid to senior level recruitment starting from 10 lakhs to 1.5 crores.

How can I register for a franchise?

We have a registration form on the website, you may register here and we will contact you for a confidential business discussion soon.

How much does a franchise cost?

Antal Franchise license fee costs Rs. 7.5 lakhs + service tax and this is for a duration of 15 years.

How long is the Franchise License valid?

The Antal Franchise Licence is valid for a period of 15 years.

Are there any annual fees?

There are no annual fees however we do charge a royalty fee of 12% on every successful placement made.

What are the minimum infrastructure requirements?

We have no minimum requirements as such however we do suggest a non-prime location to keep operational costs in check.

Can I start from home?

Yes, for the initial few months while you are setting up your business you may work from home however once you start building your business and start employing consultants we recommend you move to an office or a shared office.

Do I need to employ staff?

Yes we encourage our Owners to hire consultants and it helps owners to scale their business up faster. We suggest a minimum of 2 consultants to start with.

Do I need recruitment experience to become a franchisee?

No prior experience is required. We require sector/discipline experience.

Is there any age limit to be a franchisee?


What sectors or industries does Antal recruit for?

There are no sectors we do not operate in. The Antal model works on channelizing the owners industry experience, expertise and network which can be diversified based on the market scenario.

Can there be 2 franchisees in one city?

Yes, as every Antal Office specializes in a particular niche, having multiple offices in one city does not hamper the interest of other Antal offices

Can I become a master franchise in a specific location?

We do not have a concept of a master franchise.

Does Antal provide job leads?

No we do not provide vacancies or a database for candidates. Antal Owners benefit from our vast client history which they have access to from our internal database.

What makes Antal different from other recruitment brands?

Our greatest strength is our diversity of cultures, nationalities, and in a purely business sense the amount of sectors and disciplines we work within. We facilitate budding entrepreneurs to grow their business, leveraging their network and benefiting from our brand name and global reach to achieve success.