Franchising In India

India with its vast population and fastest growing emerging economy tag, is one of the most favourable countries for existing and new businesses to grow. Last two decades witnessed a huge count of emerging businesses & entrepreneurs, not leaving franchising far behind.

What is Franchising?

There are several businesses that started and are booming but for some the story was completely different. Starting and managing a business is a big challenge. One must be unique with the business idea, great with the product or service and customer service too is important to create a presence in the market; simultaneously stay alert and actively keep a track on the competition to keep the performance consistent.

But in the case of Franchising Businesses, the picture is a bit different. You do own a business but that’s an idea which belongs to a company or a brand and you get the right to use its trademark and certain systems. Simply, granting a license of using its processes to produce and market a good or service as per their norms. As you will be purchasing a franchise, you are a Franchisee and the person (or company) from whom you buy the franchise is known as a franchisor.

India’s Current Franchise Business’s Stats

It was the year of 1940 when franchising was introduced in India by a retail company, but franchising buzzed in the year 1986 by an IT training and education institute.

Currently, Franchising is one of the most flourished and booming industries in India. This industry was never that better as it is now. Post the downturn caused by the 2016 demonetization, each following year has shown a great progress in the terms of number of brands franchising, number of franchisees, numbers employed in franchise businesses and the overall turnover of the franchise owner.  

Right from food, beverages, to clothing, education or healthcare, the franchising channels have brought a drastic change in the way India does business. Franchising also has led to a lot of employment options contributing towards country’s economy. Due to the unhealthy practices performed, by both the Franchisee and Franchisor, the industry is yet to achieve its expected mark; which makes it the most insecure and fluctuating industry. Thus, the growth ratio of Indian Franchising Industry is only 2% to 4%, which is expected to reach 20% by the year 2025 stated in a joint report done by KPMG and FAI in the year 2013.

Scope of Franchising in India

The United States is a key player in India’s Franchise boom. There’s a major shift in Indians’ choices & demands for good quality of goods & services and lifestyle. Things don’t stop here, the entrepreneurial talent & energy too is rising, showing a tremendous growth.

As per the 2013 FAI report, the India’s Franchising picture appear pretty good. It states – Over 1500 Brands are offering franchises. There are over 1200 brands in India and approximately, 300 international brands. More than one lakh retail entities are franchised and as many as 20,000 franchise outlets open every year.

Franchising is a positive retail format. It promotes economic expansion for brand owners, economic empowerment for job seekers with different skill sets. It also creates a vast array of choices for consumers. India with its current policy over ease of doing business ranks high in its ability to establish and sustain a successful franchise growth; marking the right time to invest in such opportunities promoted by established brands.

Some of the large global franchise brands in India are: McDonalds, KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Hyatt, Radisson, Prestige, DTDC, Kidzee, Jawed Habib, First Cry, Lenskart, Khadims, Nike, HSBC, Lakme, Coppergate, Baskin Robbins Anytime Fitness, Business Doctors, Digikore, & many more. However, within the service sector one that stands out in the crowd, bringing top talent to organizations globally is, Antal International.

What is Antal International?

Antal is a global executive recruitment business, founded in 1993 by Tony Goodwin; it is a mid-senior level recruitment business headquartered from London.

We have more than 1000 recruitment consultants from 140+ offices spread over 33 countries across Europe, Asia, Middle East & Africa.

Tony spotted the recruitment & emerging trend in the employment market & along with his team members started his own company. Since then they developed a considerable growth within some of the most challenging markets across the globe, that includes Russia, China & India. In 2002, Antal International moved into the franchising with the goal of expanding its network into newer markets.

Antal’s Remarkable Presence in the Indian Market

January 2007, Antal entered India & established its first office. Mr Joseph Devasia, bought Antal to India & currently is the Managing Director, Antal India; operating from Andheri(w), Mumbai. He has been working in the recruitment industry since 2003.

Antal’s Indian network of 48 offices in 13 cities is headed by Joseph. It comprises of 200+ specialist consultants; who operate all over India across industries such as FMCG/CD, Ecommerce, IT, ITES, Information security, Technology, Retail, Analytics, Pharma, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Auto, Engineering, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Insurance, Banking & Financial Services, Logistics & Supply Chain; filling more than 3000 assignments at the mid–senior level thus far. We have worked with more than 500 clients in last 12 years. It feels great to receive appreciation not only from our clients for placing credible talent but also from the candidates for the best career advancement opportunities.

Antal’s Aim & Values

There may be various reasons that leads to an organization’s success, but the most important reason is having the right team. Sourcing, searching, interviewing, gauging & then finally recruiting the perfect candidate for the vacant job role in a highly competitive and candidate driven recruitment is a challenge. Antal has been providing professional & managerial expertise worldwide, since 25 years; helping businesses find appropriate talent, they need in order to drive their growth, profits & long-term success. Our values are simple & direct – Achieve, Nurture, Trust, Aspire & Lead. These values have given us an edge over our competitors within both Recruitment and Franchising businesses across the globe.

Do you Aspire to become an Entrepreneur?

Is your professional life at par with your career aspirations? Are you happy being an employee or are you keen on calling the shots? Are you contemplating being the boss? Is your risk appetite high? Do you value your time & that of others? Are you the one who never quits but instead takes challenges as stepping stones to success?

The above statements resonate with you? Yes? Then you are already in right mind frame to become an Antal Entrepreneur.

Antal has helped 48 aspiring entrepreneurs in India set up their own executive recruitment business. Being a franchise business, we intend to follow & sustain due to some extremely different & distinctive characteristics & functions that creates a perfect base for every amateur Entrepreneur.

Antal’s Assets = Your Benefits

Why is Antal different as compared to other Recruitment Franchised Businesses in India?

Recruitment is evolving at a speedy pace & the reason for this is competitive job market & technology. Antal has a proven, result driven, systematic & well-organized business model; which is why aspiring entrepreneurs today are keen on knowing more about this business model works and how it can benefit them in the long run. It gives you an opportunity to ‘Be Your Own Boss’. Own your own Recruitment Business. Right from setting up your own business, to training yourself & your staff, to finding & delivering the right candidate to celebrating successes together & representing Antal at local & global events & a lot more, Antal is the 1st choice in the Recruitment Franchise Business. Antal has a state of the art, top quality training team for our franchise owners. They will not only train you for the business but also constantly support you throughout your recruitment cycle with your clients, relentlessly. Our MD, Joseph Devasia, rightly says, “Entrepreneurship is the Best Investment”. Own a Antal franchise recruitment business today & give a kick start to your Entrepreneurial Journey.

You may find infinite number of recruitment franchise opportunities in India but what makes Antal the most reliable & consistent is its 25 years legacy of success driven processes.

Testimonials by Franchise Owners

Here are some testimonials from our satisfied Franchise Owners across the country.

  1. Mr Vinu Nair – Chennai:
    “To me a Franchisor should have clear-cut ground rules for transacting business and also there should be an effort to hear out and address problem areas and pre-star jitters. Antal has helped me with both and I have also benefitted through the fee sharing for which grew my revenues by 20%.”

  2. Mr Sunil Kapoor – Gurgaon:
    “The beauty of Antal is, it’s Process Driven Orientation, Detailed Discussion & Analysis, On Job Training and KPI/KAI monitoring. The induction material was very interesting, and the discussions were truly inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the visual illustrations, which made the content easily understandable.”

  3. Mr Naresh Sharma – Jaipur:
    “Interactions with Antal team prompted me to take up this challenge as I felt, I really belong to this space. I decided to go ahead with Antal as it is an international brand having very strong training methodology and process to ensure success.”

Other than the above given locations, Antal’s Indian network includes Pune, Lucknow, Bengaluru, Noida, Aligarh, Hyderabad, Pondicherry & Trivandrum.

Antal offers you an excellent opportunity to build & develop your own Recruitment Franchise Business in India. Antal’s successful global network will surely be a perfect start towards your Entrepreneurial Journey.

Come Aboard & Explore.


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